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Up to the Challenge?


There is not a lot of denying it. I have been in a bit of a rut for a bit. Distractions, real or otherwise, have been abundant. Motivation has been low. So, when a friend of mine proposed a monthly bird photography challenge for the year, I decided I was going to pass. Luckily, she was persistent, and I decided I really needed some help getting out. So far, all it has done is to induce a lot of internal panic.

January has been... well, see above. I have only made it out a few times this month. Although it is only the 21st, I am probably not going to make it out again before the end of the month. I will be gone for a good chunk of February. I really needed to come up with images for the first two challenge months this month. So, what have I come up with?

Well, not a lot. I started the month with a trip to Eagle Creek Park. I was not really thinking along the lines of the challenge. I had plenty of time, right? There were some Red Crossbills being seen at the park, and I was hoping to catch them. Unfortunately, I spent a good deal of my time at the park focusing on this one species, and I walked away with almost nothing for photos. The following day, I stopped by a seed pile setup by a couple of friends. We mostly hung out and talked. This last Friday, I was way ahead on hours for work, and, again, slipped over to Eagle Creek Park. This time, I headed to the seed pile there and spent some time shooting in the snow.

Last weekend I spent working on house projects. This weekend was tied up with social events. Next weekend looks like rain. Maybe I can get February (and maybe even March) images before I leave on vacation. Stay tuned and grab some popcorn. It will probably get interesting.

I plan to highlight each challenge and my submission after the end of the month. By then, I should also have feedback and will cover that, as well.

Thanks for reading,




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