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Thank You, Polar Vortex!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022


We are finally getting some snow. Based on the forecast (if you can believe it), we are going to be getting some decent amounts this week. Fingers crossed.

I just got back from a workcation last night. The last 4 hours of driving were in a snowstorm. You would think I would not be all that anxious to get out in some snow and get some photos. Well, you were half right. I was not anxious to get up; I mean, it was a 11.5 hour drive. I did want some snow pictures, though. I headed over to Indy Regional airport to see if the snow had brought in any Snow Buntings. I was happy to see quite a few.

I pulled up to where some cracked corn had been spread and got out to setup for some ground-level shots. Unfortunately, I was having a hard time. I could not really figure it out.... The birds were super skittish, too. As normal, I was hand-holding, and this was more of an instance for a low tripod and probably a bag blind.

Giving up, I got up and sat in the car; using it as a blind. It was here that I finally realized half my problem. See the issue here?

I had setup wrong. I was facing at an angle to the light. I had setup due east, but the sun is well south this time of year. I pulled the car forward and chose a sitting position ahead of the front bumper. This gave me some cover and kept me somewhat close to the ground. Things got better. And then something spooked the birds and they all flew off. I am guessing a kestrel came by, but I did not see it. Deciding I would have to come back, I packed up and called it a morning. Besides, I got photos from that workcation to process.

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