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On the Move

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Nov 16-17, 2019

The weather is finally coming around and temps have fallen. We got our first snow of the year, but it has not lasted long. I look forward to a lot more this year. We will see how it goes. With the weather turning colder, things are starting to move. Those things, in particular, happen to be 11,000 Sandhill Cranes.

On Saturday, I knew I was not going to go far. It had been a long week at work, and I was looking for easy. Easy, in this instance, has a name - Eagle Creek Park. I did not have high expectations. My last visit was pretty slow. I had as long as I wanted to stay at the park though, and I made a full morning of it.

The fruit is down to the small, little mean stuff on the crabapple tree. The bluebirds were not even bothering with it, but the Cedar Waxwings have moved it. I was quite happy with the variety of sparrows seen and photographed during the day. I was even happy to have some more cooperative Eastern Bluebirds. I really want to get a decent shot of the feeding in the tall weeds. I managed an okay, distant shot but am hoping for better.

Sunday was a tough day. A poor night of sleep made for a difficult drive up to Jasper Pulaski FWA. I made it about 15 minutes after sunrise and went to my favorite area, which happens to be a soy field this year. I really love shooting cranes in the corn stubble. Luckily, the field across the road is corn. I had good light and a cooperative group. I just did not do well with shots. I had a hard time getting any separation in the group; so, shots were really tight or ruined by out-of-focus birds too close in the foreground or background. I guess I'll have to go back, which I had planned to do anyway. Last count I had heard was that there were 11,000 cranes, including some Whooping Cranes, roosting in the area. As things get colder, those birds will move on. By late November or early December, the place will be empty.

My favorite shot is really a bit overly busy, but I think it has kind of a funny "Charlie's Angels" look to it.

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