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Nights and Weekends

9/26/2019 - 9/28/2019

I changed things up a bit this week and tried to get out a bit for some astrophotography. I really enjoy taking photos at night, but I have a lot to learn. I particularly enjoy taking pictures of the Milky Way; unfortunately, Indiana is not the best place for it. With that it mind, I picked up my friend Bob Myers and headed down to Yellowwood SF to try and get some shots in before Milky Way season ended here in the northern hemisphere.

The night was clear but a bit humid. It also started to cool quite quickly. The core of the Milky Way had already set behind the trees once it was dark enough to start shooting; so, we ended up focusing most of our efforts on star trails. We shot until our lenses fogged over with dew and then called it a bit of an early night.

The weekend did not provide much in the way of migrants. I ended up photographing more from my backyard than on my trip to Eagle Creek Park, where I was able to photograph a single Yellow-rumped Warbler out of a flock of about 20. At home, I was happy to have some migrant Eastern Wood-Pewee show up and a few birds visiting my bird bath.

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