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Maybe, No, Yes

Updated: Jun 1, 2022


This pretty much sums up my thought process last night/this morning. The subject was a Brant that has shown up about an hour from where I live. For some reason, there was a lot of internal debate on chasing the bird. It is a pretty rare bird for our state, and having one this close should have been an easy decision to chase. Yet, the final decision was not made until I was on the road and actually heading elsewhere; at least I was heading in the right direction.

One stop for gas and an hour later, I am sitting in the parking lot of a small business located off of US 52 near Lafayette, IN. I was not sure what to expect. I heard the bird was feeding in a ditch. It is a big ditch. In the end, that did not work out too bad. It gave me a background that was not just blank white. To get on the bird's level, I had to walk down into the ditch on the other end. Anything else was pretty much shooting grass with a goose in it. The bird is on a heavy slope, but there is not much to be done about that. Anyway, here is what I got. My second Brant seen in Indiana.

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