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It's About Time...

Updated: Jun 1, 2022


I finally made it out to shoot. Between the weather and some health issues, I have not been able to get out to shoot. The rain let up and everything froze overnight; so, everything wasn't a giant mud ball. I headed over to Eagle Creek Park to shoot. The guy at the gate seemed surprised I didn't already have a pass for the year.

I parked near a seed pile there, got out of the car, and plopped down on the ground for a while. I should have grabbed better gloves. After about an hour, I had to head back into the car. I drove around a bit but ended back where I was. Another hour in the cold, and I was ready to get in the car and head home. With it being so warm, I've not adjusted to the cold at all.

I didn't exactly knock anything out of the park with these photos. It was great to finally get back out, though. Hoping the weather cooperates for next weekend, too.

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