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I Must Be Having Fun

Updated: Jun 1, 2022


At least that is the reason they attribute to time flying by so quickly. In this case, it is really just the time change. The adjusting of the clock (in either direction) always throws me off. So, I am a little late getting pics posted.

I had a few goals this last weekend. 1) I wanted shots of the Rusty Blackbirds frequenting Eagle Creek Park. 2) While there, I wanted to get some shots of the American White Pelicans resting in the reservoir. 3) I wanted to head south and look for Pine Warbler.

Well, I went 1 for 2 on my first two goals. I got up Saturday and headed out to the park. While I easily found the blackbird flock, I had zero luck getting any shots. Anytime I was close, they flew off to another area of the park. I eventually gave up and moved off to look for the pelicans. They were much easier to shoot. The biggest issue was getting some separation in the group. They were just a bit messy group. I did the best I could.

I did get one sequence of a bird taking off that I was pretty happy to capture.

Sunday.... Sunday was the first morning after the clocks moved forward. I was not making it out of bed early. I stayed home. Monday was pretty rough, too. It started out well, though. I headed down stairs to start working, and I found a beautiful female Pileated Woodpecker hanging out on our buckeye tree. I figured there must be a hawk around; so, I did not want to disturb her. After a while, the other birds in the yard started moving around. I figured it was safe by then and cracked the patio door for some shots. It was pretty dark still, but I got a nice shot.

And then it was time to start work.... Let's hope the next time I am late posting photos it is because I have been having fun!

Thanks for reading,




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