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Louisiana Waterthrush


I do not have much to share from last weekend. I definitely do not have any variety. So, I will overshare the one species I photographed. Seems fair.

What was this species? Louisiana Waterthrush - as if you could not guess. Waterthrush is another one of the early warblers that arrive a little ahead of the other warblers. Pine Warbler is always first. After that, the Waterthrush arrive about the same time as Northern Parula and Yellow-throated Warbler. Yellow-rumped are close on their tails, but a few of those will overwinter in the state. Every year, about this time, I am out here doing the same thing. Why? Well, for one, I love this species. They are not colorful. They are not the prettiest. They are unique in their habitat, can belt out a song, and do a cute bob when they walk. I also love the spot where I photograph this species. Not that I look forward to laying in a creek bed, but I think the photos can turn out great.

Regarding that, I think my photos came out okay. The main issue? Lighting. I got to the location at around 7:15. That is sunrise. However, the creek is located in a ravine. About 8:00, the sun peaked up over the lip and started giving me a bit more light. It was still very shady. I, of course, did not wait until 8:00 to shoot. I started at 7:45. You can only sit in the car and listen to your target bird sing for so long. Anyway, here is a photo dump from my morning.

And here are a few shots of the bird in its environment. Normally, the creek is a bit lower and has been washed out a bit by rain or snow melt. This year, we are just starting to get rain; so, things are a bit messy. Last weekend, this creek bed was practically dry. No running water.

Finally, here are a couple of it feeding.

I left and drove up through TC Steele and up through Yellowwood SF. I heard a single Yellow-throated Warbler, but that was it. The rest of the drive was fairly quiet. Nesting Phoebe in Yellowwood. Lots of Junco around still. Other than that, it is the expected species for about this time of year.

Sunday, I went out locally to look for a Winter Wren that was reported last weekend. No joy. That is okay, though. I am happy with my Waterthrush shots.

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