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Four-Day Weekend!!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

11/22/2018 - 11/25/2018

A four-day weekend sounds like it should be a lot of photos. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Thanksgiving took up the two days with the best weather; although, I did slip out some on Friday morning. I managed to find a large flock of birds feeding in some crabapple trees at Eagle Creek Park. The Cedar Waxwings did not stick around long. Probably because of the number or raptors (I saw at least one accipiter and a Red-tailed Hawk, but there were other times the birds panicked and scattered) perusing the area. I would have stayed longer, but there was a second Thanksgiving dinner that afternoon....

Saturday, it rained. I went out in the afternoon, but there was not anything moving. That pretty much summed up Sunday morning, too. I ended up back home shooting the "woodland gang" (chickadees, woodpeckers, nuthatches, and titmice) in the backyard. It really had quite the "invasive" theme in the end. Most of the shots were on Oriental Bittersweet, and one was in the honeysuckle. At least bittersweet is pretty.

It's going to seem like a long week at work, and the weather for next weekend already looks like it's going to be a lot of rain. Let's hope the weather person is wrong*.

Thank for reading,


* = they usually only screw up the forecast for sunny weather....

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