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Eagle Creek Park - Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

9/4/2020 - 9/7/2020

After a lackluster weekend the previous weekend, I wanted to get out and try to make the most of this last weekend. I just did not have a good plan for what to do. I checked the weather on Thursday and figured that a lakefront trip was not going to pan out. The forecast called for southerly winds through the weekend. Apparently that changed, and Monday turned into a great day at the lakefront. I guess I should pay better attention.

With a lack of plans, I opted for what I know. The warblers have started moving, and I decided to try and catch up with them at Eagle Creek Park. I was ahead of hours for work and headed over Friday morning for a bit of birding. The morning at the park was decent but not exciting. Saturday - less exciting. Sunday - dismal. Monday, I slept in and then headed over to the park a little late. Friday and Monday were bookends for the weekend. I arrived both days just in time to miss a Golden-winged Warbler. To be fair, I did get a quick glimpse of the bird on Monday. Overall, I really spent more time to trying to photograph birds than birding. The highlight was a pair of Cape May Warblers and a surprise Great Crested Flycatcher feeding on dogwood berries.

I spent a little time looking for the Green Heron that have been hanging out at the ice skating pond. The family appears to have mostly moved on. I was lucky to catch one perched up for a little bit and was happy with how the photos turned out.

Not sure what the plan for next weekend is, but I will be out somewhere. Hoping I pick somewhere a bit more birdy this next weekend.

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