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Doubly Nice


The past two weeks have brought a couple great pieces of news.

The first I have known about for a bit, but I finally got confirmation this week. I have had a photo chosen for the Audubon Top 100. This is my second time for this, and, honestly, I did not think that lightning would strike twice. The photo is of a pair of Greater Prairie Chickens engaging each other at a lek. This was part of a field trip sponsored by our state Audubon chapter. You can read about the trip here.

The second bit of good news came from a local camera shop here in Indy. Roberts Camera offers a Gallery Night once a year. Photographers are encouraged to enter photos into various categories. Winners and a selection of other photos are displayed in the shop. Photographers and the public gather for the night to hang out and talk at the event. It has always been fun, and it is pretty cool to see your photo hanging on the wall. After missing the deadline to submit photos last year, I was happy to enter photos this year and have another image selected. The only disappointment is that we have to participate virtually, this year; as the shop is (understandably) not offering a physical gathering. To see images that have been selected before, check out my awards page. The image here was taken at Ft. Ben last summer. A Prothonotary Warbler chose a convenient nesting location and was coming in regularly to feed its young. I managed to skip over to the park on a few lunch breaks and capture this image.

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