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You Will Have to Imagine the Falling Snow

Updated: Jun 1, 2022


First of all, I love snow. I need to move to a state that gets more of it. Since last weekend, I have been watching the weather. We had the big "snowpacalypse", that turned into a mild snow storm; granted, we did get around 7-8 inches of snow. We were originally forecast to get more last night and some this weekend. As always happens, things change. The forecast mentioned snow showers with no accumulation. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to full-on flurries. Big fluffy flakes gently falling to the ground. I checked the radar, and it looked like it would last a while. I rushed outside and setup to do some shooting over my lunch break; watching out the window the entire time I was working.

Lunch arrived, eventually.... I looked up from my laptop, and it had stopped snowing. The feeders were still active, though. Why not head out?

I was out for less than an hour. I was hoping to catch a shot of the starlings that have been ravaging my feeders. No luck. I was overjoyed to photograph my little Carolina Wrens instead. I was also overjoyed to catch a shot of "the junco" in my yard. I kept trying to convince myself that it was not a Cassiar's Junco (a hybrid of the Oregon and Slate-colored forms) and that it was a true Oregon Junco. I was wrong. At least I got a shot of it.

Until next time, cross your fingers for more snow.

Thanks for reading,




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