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Watch, Click,... Repeat

Updated: Jun 1, 2022


I have not kept count, but here we are a day whatever of quarantine. I have not actually gone out this week; even for a small bit of birding. Instead, Saturday was spent watching the world from the window.

The weather and lighting was highly variable throughout the day, and it was a bit difficult to stay on top of my settings. The maple trees are in full bloom. This means this is the last weekend for them. By next weekend, they will be spent. I made one more effort to get some shots with birds in the maple tree. But I did not do as well this weekend as others. I also spent some time focusing on some different visitors to the yard. The Red-winged Blackbird escaped my attempts. Maybe next weekend. There are a couple shots in here from a sunny, lunch break one day earlier this week. If the sun is shining in the photo, you found one of them. :)

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