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The Biggest Bust

5/2/2019 - 5/6/2019

Work has had me down, and I took a much needed break. Unfortunately, it didn't really go as I'd hoped. I've had some really good birding this past week, but photos have been tough to come by.

5/2 - I finally got some shots of the Rose-breasted Grosbeak coming into the yard. They are annual visitors, and I look forward to seeing them.

5/4 - After dealing with another emergency at work, I headed out for an early start to the weekend. It pays to work late hours, sometimes. It was early afternoon, and I did not have long; so, I birded a bit closer to home and hit Central Park in Carmel. Things were a bit slow at first, but then I hooked up with Amy Hodson, Brian Cunningham, and John Schaust, and they showed me how to bird the park. By the time we finished, I had a pretty decent list. I could have used a few more photos, though. Everything was about 30' up in the air.

5/5 - Another Saturday of rain. I worked a few hours in the morning and then finally decided I was going out; regardless of the weather. I put the rain sleeve on the camera and headed to Eagle Creek Park. The rain sleeve proved useless. The rain stopped as soon as I arrived. Not many people at the park, and there were birds singing everywhere. Again, they were mostly 30' up in the air. I ran into a nice flock of Palm and Yellow-rumped at the Marina. Hidden in the flock were a couple of American Redstart, one of which came over to see what was going on when I pished at it. While as the Skating Pond, the Common (although not so much here) Gallinule swam by.

5/5 - Sunday, my brother and I met up with Mark Welter for another southern tour. Things are still pretty flooded down there, and some of the best areas are inaccessible. We made the best of it and checked out a few new spots. I was happy to see Louisiana Waterthrush and Kentucky Warbler.

5/6 - Well... this gets to the heart of the title. I skipped off to Magee Marsh for a day of birding. It's the "Biggest Week in Birding" up there, right now. I envisioned the south winds would drive some migrants in up there, and I gave in to temptation. Unfortunately, it did not work out well at all. It was a total bust from a photography perspective. I need to follow my head instead of my heart when planning to head up there. The weather just has not been favorable. Storms to the south or even right over IN/OH have taken their toll on migration in this part of the midwest. Birds are trickling through and not arriving in the hordes you hope for. Looking forward at the weather, I'm not sure I see a favorable day. My big day up there may have to wait until next year.

Migrants are slowly moving into/through IN. I'm hoping to get out this next weekend and find a few more. Well, and photograph some, too.

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Jun 22, 2019

Mike, these blogs and photos are wonderful! glad to discover them. -- I have not been to Magee Marsh yet (Terre haute being a little further away) - seem to get wrapped up in our local Big Day prep and mop up each year. But I did just read Kaufman's book "Season on the wind", which I loved. Hope to run into you soon

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