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Septdecennial/BOBO 2.0

Updated: Jun 1, 2022


Yes, I had to look that word up. You can, too.

It's 2021, and that means it's a "brood X" year. With that in mind, I bought a macro lens earlier this year. I also used it to take some wildflower pics earlier this spring; before things kinda went sideways on me. I made it out a couple times over the past week for some cicada shots. As with everything, I have a lot to learn about macro shots. I am having a good time with them, though. I am also trying to grab shots of other things I see. It is not easy. I look forward to getting out to do some more and get better.

I was mainly "Seeking" (using the Seek app on my phone to ID plants/insects I did not know) things for IDs. Sometimes, the seeked subject disappeared before I got a shot. Of the things that did not get away, I got: Eastern Harvestmen, Golden-backed Snipe Fly, Red-banded Leafhopper, Zabulon Skipper, Polished Lady Beetle, Black Firefly, Speckled Sharpshooter, Eastern Common Firefly, and (the easiest one) Pale Jewelweed.

The coolest thing I saw was a species of scorpion fly feeding on a cicada. I wish I could have worked out a better shot of this.

Last weekend, I headed back down to Atterbury to do some shooting with my brother. He needed some good Bobolink shots, and I was more than happy to meet up with him to show him around a bit. I was hoping for a good sunny morning, and I thought the forecast called for one. Unfortunately we were met with heavy clouds. I can appreciate a good overcast day for shooting, but this was a bit more than that.

The highlight of the morning came as I was walking through some tall grass. The grass came up to about mid-shin. I was walking slowly, and I could tell that a deer had been through the area; as I could see the trail in the wet grass. In no way was I expecting this.

Perfectly motionless and very well hidden in the grass. I did not see it until I was on top of it. I snapped a few shots with my phone and moved off elsewhere. So cute. You almost cannot resist petting it. While mom was nowhere to be seen, I know that she will be back later to care for, feed, and move the little one elsewhere. In a couple of days, this little one will be up on its feet and following mom everywhere. In the meantime, hiding and staying motionless is its best defense. I am happy to have had a moment to see it and enjoy it.

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