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Results May Be Varied

Updated: Jun 1, 2022


It was a standard work day. In other words, it sucked. I was looking forward to the weekend, though. The weekend started by "staycation". A week at home and, hopefully, a lot of birding. Sparrow season is coming up, and I look forward to photographing them every year.

While I am winding my way through my day, my brother is starting one of his daily routines. But this day was not going to be routine. While taking his daily walk at the park near his home, he saw a "robin" pop up nearby. Resisting the urge to write it off as a robin, he pulled up his binocs and was stunned to find a Varied Thrush. As they say, "bird every bird".

I saw his message before I saw his post about the bird to the rare bird page. It did not take much to convince me to bail on work. 40 minutes later, I was at the park. It took a while to relocate the bird. Other birders slowly arrived, and, while I was there, everyone was fortunate enough to see the bird.

Thanks to my brother for getting the word out quickly and allowing people the opportunity to see it.

Thanks for reading,




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