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Updated: Jun 1, 2022

10/27/2018 - 10/28/2018

The forecast this weekend was not great. Indianapolis was forecast for rain all weekend. Luckily, Saturday's forecast for south of Indy looked good. This meant that I could work on my first project of the weekend - hunting down more sparrow shots.

I think I did okay! I hit Goose Pond at sunrise. I parked my car, got out my gear, and pished. Immediately, a sparrow popped up on the tall prairie grass nearby. I put the binocs on it, and it was a LeConte's! Two weekends in a row, this has happened here. I shared the location with some other birders, and they had similar luck this morning. There turned out to be a pair, and they hung around for a bit and then disappeared. I walked up the road a bit looking for White-crowned Sparrows and then headed back towards the car. When I got there, one of the LeConte's was feeding in the grasses right next to the road! I could not believe my luck. I birded the "farmhouse road" and the main road through Beehunter Marsh for a bit before heading over to GP. There, I birded the road to the "iron bridge" for a bit before heading home.

At home, I had a second project waiting for me. I'd ordered some items for putting together a temporary reflection pool. Basically, it's an oversized bird bath. I don't really have the space for a permanent one, and this is something I can put up and down on various days. I put everything together, but I did not really put a lot of effort into photographing anything until the next day.

The following day, I was hoping to slip out to look for Orange-crowned Warbler at Duabenspeck Park. True to the forecast, it was cloudy and very windy in the morning. I decided to stay home and work on some shots from the reflection pool.

I have a lot to figure out yet, but I'm okay with the initial results. Flash placement is going to be one of my biggest challenges. Once I get everything pulled together, I'll document it here.

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