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Lake Michigan Shuffle


I'm back from vacation and have been furiously processing photos from the trip. There are just a lot to go through. To take a break, I headed up to lakefront to look for shorebirds... and take more pictures. It makes sense; trust me.

I headed up to New Buffalo, MI to check out the beach there on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, the place was packed and there was a wedding on the beach. I bailed and found a place to stay for the night with plans to get there at daybreak. All the hotels in the area were full, though; so, it was back to IN for the night. The next morning, I was back to New Buffalo at sunrise. I met Mike Bourdon, an excellent photographer from South Bend, there, and we checked the area out. Activity was low, though. As we headed to the car, the local White-chinned Mink popped out for some not-quite-cooperative photos.

White-chinned Mink

We jumped in our cars and headed back to IN to Michigan City, where there was even less to see. The highlight was a Forster's Tern on the beach. We also had a Caspian Tern on the beach, but a dog walker pushed it before I could get photos.

Forster's Tern on a messy beach

There was only one thing to do at this point... head back to New Buffalo. I spent the next few hours of the day there photographing what I could. Part of the reason for the low activity was due to an unknown falcon species. The bird gave me the impression of an immature Peregrine Falcon, but it was pretty small. The bird moved too fast through the area to get a definitive look, and the couple ID shots I snapped at it proved inconclusive. So, it goes down as "unknown falcon". Regardless, I still had a good time. And it's always great to spend some time hanging out with Mike.

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