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Finally - snow!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

1/12/2019 - 1/13/2019

It's been a warm, wet winter here. When the skies would open up and the rain would pour, I would sit here and think, "this could all have been snow." I love snow. I don't even mind the cold; although, it's getting to me a little more than it used to. Maybe it's just the way the temperatures are warm one day and cold the next. All that aside, it's mid-January, and we finally got our first real snow of the season - 7 inches of it!

I spent Saturday shooting out of my backyard. It is one of my favorite places to shoot....

Sunday, I ventured a little further. It's an irruption year for Red-breasted Nuthatch, and it seems everyone but me has one in their yard. Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary has been hosting a couple this winter. With grand dreams of getting a good Red-breasted Nuthatch shot, I headed out to Connersville. Well, one can dream... I saw one several times, but it was far from cooperative.

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