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False Starts

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

4/18/2020 - 4/19/2020

Migration really starts on 5/1... migration really starts on 5/1... migration - you get it. Every year, I start heading out and looking for warblers in mid-April. The truth is, things don't really get started until 5/1 here in Indiana. Yes, some state breeders and Yellow-rumps will arrive around this time, but most birds do not arrive until about 5/1. So, with that in mind, I present a couple state breeders and a Yellow-rumped Warbler.

That's not entirely fair. But, the sentiment is true. Next weekend should be pretty good. I would expect Hooded Warbler, Blue-winged Warbler, and Yellow-throated and White-eyed Vireo to be here. Again, these are breeders here to stake out territory. Black-throated Green and other early migrants should start wandering in, as well. But, the big push starts on 5/1.

So, how did I spend my weekend? I headed south to look for Prothonotary Warbler in Stillwater Marsh. I had a brief glimpse of one as it flew through, but that was it. My sole pictures from the day were a Song Sparrow and a Northern Parula. Sunday, I headed to Ft. Ben. There, I ran into Scott Enochs, and we responsibly socially-distanced while tracking a Prothonotary Warbler up-and-down Fall Creek. We found a spot where the bird liked to feed and waited for it. We spent a good 15 minutes watching it eat and rest, at one point. After it finished, it popped up for a few photos and then flew off again. All in all, a very rewarding experience. At home, I caught a Carolina Chickadee in a blooming sandcherry.

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