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Down South

Updated: Jun 1, 2022


It was time for the annual run south. The migrant breeders had returned in force, and it was time to go see them. Instead of heading to our usual locations, my brother and I decided to try out some new habitat. Good news, all around: 1) We only got lost once 2) We ran into Monroe Co. experts, Scott Evans and Joe Bailey - always good to see these guys 3) We saw a lot of birds.

While we saw a lot, photos were a little hard to come by. It is hard to complain about watching a female Cerulean Warbler hop around in a flowering dogwood tree, though. Kentucky, Hooded, Ovenbird, and Worm-eating rounded out the list of targets for the day. All were easily found and seen in Morgan-Monroe State Forest. I definitely plan to go back.

The next day, I really wanted to head back south. I needed to stay close to home and decided to hit up Ft. Ben, instead. I was hoping the mayfly hatch would be happening. It always pulls the warblers in towards the creek; making for some decent photo ops. The cold spring seems to be holding them at bay. All in all, a bit of a slow morning.

Spring migration is kicking into full swing. I had been keeping an eye on my feeders at home, but nothing crazy had shown up yet. Fingers crossed that my usual suspects stop by again this year. It would not be a spring without them. Stay tuned!

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