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Updated: Jun 1, 2022

2/14/2020 - 2/16/2020

It was a long, hard week at work. After a 12 hour day on Thursday, I slipped out for some recreational therapy on Friday morning. Then I paid for it that afternoon and had to work late on Friday night, too. Turns out, Friday was the only photography I got in. I was lazy on Saturday and even most of Sunday. Sunday, I drove up to Kankakee Sands to look for Short-eared Owl. I had 4 up there, but they remained quite distant the entire time. It's too warm, really.

Friday morning was spent at Eagle Creek Park. I spent most my time laying on the ground, but I wasn't being lazy that morning! I was just trying to get some shots that accentuated the bird and the snow we had, that morning. I shot until I couldn't feel my fingers (the thermometer on the car said 2 degrees F). Then I shot some more. For as much time as I spent, I had remarkably few photos turn out. The low angle and shooting with glove caused some focus issues. At times, I just was not getting the focus button pushed well enough. Oh well. I had a good time and forgot about work for a bit.

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